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Is Your Water Pressure Healthy?

Your water pressure is critical in getting things like your shower, your toilet and your faucets to work. Too little and all you see is a trickle, too much and you risk damaging your plumbing and possibly flooding your home.

Your water pressure should be no higher than 80 psi. The easiest way to check your water pressure is by putting a gauge on an outside wall faucet or simply having your plumber check it out for you.

City water pressures in Bozeman and Livingston are sometimes above 100 psi in many locations around town. If left unchecked, any pressure exceeding 80 psi will damage your home plumbing fixtures and piping, possibly causing a leak or even worse, a flood.

If you find that your water pressure exceeds the safe limit of 80 psi, a pressure reducing valve, or PRV should be installed on the incoming water supply for your home. In fact, local ordinances and the plumbing code require a PRV to be installed under these circumstances. It’s that important to you and your home’s safety.

Be sure anybody installing a PRV for your home is a licensed plumber.  If you need plumbing repair in Bozeman or Livingston, give us a call – we always answer our phones.

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