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Is Your Washing Machine a Plumbing Hazard?

According to Insurance Statistics, washing machine hose failures cost American and Canadian home owners close to $170 million in damages every year. Take a quick second the next time you’re doing laundry and check the condition of your hoses.  Look for bulging or other visible damage to both the hot and cold supply hose. Pay particular attention to the fittings on both ends. If you see anything suspicious, replace the hose as soon as possible. They are easy to change out and can possibly save you thousands of dollars in water damage.

Change out your old rubber washing machine hoses for high quality stainless steel ones. Also be sure to leave at least 4 inches between the back of the machine and the wall to prevent the hose from kinking.

A failure in one of your washing machine’s hoses can flood your home with several hundred gallons of water every hour. Taking a few seconds now can save you from a disaster later.

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