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How to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

The holiday season is a time to enjoy friends and family, relax, and celebrate. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a plumbing emergency during this time. Unfortunately, due to the increased activity in your home during these holiday months, your appliances, sinks, showers, and toilets are under extra strain.

By taking just a few easy steps, you can avoid having an inconvenient plumbing emergency during this festive season.

Step 1: Identify and repair issues prior to the party

Check your drains and have them cleaned if needed. Make sure your garbage disposal is running up to speed. Ensure your toilet is flushing properly. Check the water pressure in your shower. If you spot any issues, have them addressed before they become an emergency.
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Step 2: Protect your drains

Be mindful of what you’re washing down your kitchen sink Never-ever pour any fats, oils, or grease down the sink. These substances can solidify and clog your drains.

Step 3: Protect your garbage disposal

Don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash can – use it wisely! Avoid putting foods that are small, fibrous, or hard-to grind down the drain. Ex. Rice, egg shells, vegetable peels, and bones.

Step 4: Protect your toilet.

Only toilet paper should be flushed! Do not flush any feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, wrappers, cotton balls, or tissues. Provide easy access to a trashcan for your guests to dispose of non-flushable items.

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