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The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaners may sound like a good idea for a quick fix but these product can create much bigger problems in the long run.

Why is liquid drain cleaner so popular?
Liquid drain clearer “appears” to be extremely convenient. It is easy to pick up at the local hardware or grocery store and pour down your clogged drain for a quick de-clogging.  However, what homeowners don’t see is the damaging impact these toxic products have on you, your family, your pipes, and the environment.

Danger to Humans and Pets:
Liquid drain cleaners contain dangerous chemicals that can be deadly to humans and pets if ingested. The fumes themself are dangerous to inhale and if the cleaner makes contact with your skin it can cause rashes and even painful burns.

Negative Impact on Plumbing:
Drain cleaners don’t just eat away at the gunk clogging your drains – it also eats away at your pipes! These caustic cleaners can weaken and eventually cause a break in your pipes over time. This can lead to expensive leaks and unwanted plumbing emergencies.

So keep in mind that while chemical drain cleaners may seem like the cheapest, most convenient solution, they carry some hidden and long term costs that homeowners should be aware of.

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